Arizona Health Collaborative

Arizona Health Collaborative is a partnership between urban and rural hospitals across Arizona. Creating independence through interdependence, we work together towards your two most vital, yet challenging objectives: quality of care and operational costs.

Collaborating as one cohesive organization allows for the opportunity to:

  • Leverage the strengths of individual participants to increase competitive relevance in respective markets
  • Reform healthcare locally while retaining ownership to community assets
  • Preserve and expand access to local, lower-cost, higher-quality care

Our members enjoy the advantage of having proven solutions for value-based health care organizations at their fingertips. Our priorities evolve based on the group’s most pressing needs – from supply chain management and employee benefits to educational opportunities and TeleHealth services.

By providing the tools and resources that allow member hospitals to reform and thrive in the value-based health care market, we all benefit.

Increased quality. Decreased cost. Find out how the Arizona Health Collaborative can help you, your patients and our community.

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Phoenix Children’s hospital saved $4.2 million in 18 months with supply chain agreements through Arizona Health Collaborative.